Support Programs for Researchers and Cultural Professionals - PAUSE Ukraine
PAUSE (Program for the Emergency Reception of Scientists in Exile) opened on January 16, 2017. 
In response to the urgent situation of scientific and cultural communities impacted by the war in Ukraine, PAUSE program launches two special PAUSE - Ukraine Solidarity funds:

1. Special emergency fund for Ukrainian researchers in danger:
The special appeal for emergency aid to Ukrainian researchers in danger must allow to bring, in fine, a financial assistance to a researcher and his family for a period of three months.
This emergency reception in France will allow the researchers to prepare, in connection with various French schools and universities, an application to the PAUSE program.
PAUSE - Solidarity with Ukraine - How to apply [.pdf]
PAUSE - Solidarity with Ukraine - How to apply? (Ukrainian version) [.pdf]
PAUSE - Solidarity with Ukraine - How to apply? (Russian version) [.pdf]
Application platform:
2. Solidarity Program for CULTURE : 
The PAUSE program opens a special fund for emergency assistance to artists and cultural professionals impacted by the war in Ukraine thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture.
An emergency aid allowing to finance the stay of an artist or cultural professional, and his/her family if necessary, for a period of three months is proposed to the voluntary institutions. The corresponding amount will be a flat rate and indexed to the number of people in the family unit hosted (single person, couple, family).
The purpose of this emergency placement in France is to allow the artist to prepare an application to the PAUSE program, in collaboration with a host institution, according to the regular procedures and criteria of the program, on the basis of co-financing.
Application platform:
PAUSE - Solidarity with Ukraine - English version [.pdf]
PAUSE - Solidarity with Ukraine - Ukrainian version [.pdf] coming soon
PAUSE - Solidarity with Ukraine - Russian version [.pdf] coming soon
Detailed brochure of the PAUSE Program :