Once again, the Eduniversal surveys France (Licences, Bachelors & Grandes Ecoles / Masters & MBA) have been launched.
These surveys concern any type of programs and might get you to appear in one of our next rankings. The participation is free of charge and the deadline is June 5, 2019.
By answering the survey, you provide precise and recent data on your program(s) and facilitate the inclusion of your courses in our rankings.
You also offer your students the opportunity to express their opinion and satisfaction, and thus to participate directly in the evaluation of the program. Their feedback counts for one third of the total score and allows us to consider data that only students who have followed your program can provide.
The Eduniversal Ranking is based on the methodology that has been created in 2002 and is monitored by the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee.
It is based on three main criteria:
  • The reputation of the program;
  • The salary of the 1st employment;
  • Students satisfaction
The reputation of the program is assessed according to the number of admission requests from students and on the feedback from the recruiters in the sector.
Salaries, job opportunities and the quality of the further study are assessed using information provided by schools and universities and strictly verified by us.
Finally, Students satisfaction is based on a survey of a representative sample of students. For this score to be counted, two conditions must be met: a response of at least 10% or 20% of your graduating class (depending on the type of course) and that at least 5 respondents have given their opinion.
A little tip: it is possible to obtain bonus points by meeting the following conditions.
Thus, courses with mandatory study abroad option, which can be carried out as apprenticeships or work-study programs or which promote and support business creation, are all eligible.
The same applies to courses in which more than 5 different nationalities can be counted or which have a directory of alumni and provide proof of this.
Finally, the last bonus points are accessible to everyone, since they are simply based on the mobilization of students around the survey.
New feature this year: in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are free to decide if you wish to provide us the data base of your students' contacts. You will then receive a standard email to be sent to your outgoing promotion, allowing them to register on their own.
Therefore don't lose this opportunity and participate in our surveys now at and!
Please remember: the sooner you participate, the more time your students will have to respond in turn.